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Picnic 2019

Bangla O Biswa celebrated Annual picnic on 27th July 2019 at Hopkinton State Park. 

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Bangla-O-Biswa Durga Puja 2019

 Come and celebrate our biggest event of the year at your very own New England back yard.

Bangla O Biswa will be celebrating Durga Puja this year on October 4, 5 & 6th October 2019.


Date .   

4th October (Friday),

5th October (Saturday)

6th October (Sunday)




Due to popular demand, we are repeating the children's sit and draw competition on Sunday (10/06) again. The competition will start after puspanjali around noon time.

Due to popular demand discounted rates for the puja packages are further extended until October 6th !!  Please register soon to take the advantage of the lower rate and preferred seating for the concerts!!

Families who wants to add parents and kids with the puja packages can purchase the 1/2 day package online and pay the additional fees at the frontdesk while registering. 


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Featured Artists  


This year Bangla O Biswa Durga Puja is bringing three sensational artists from epar and opar Bangla. Three evenings, three artists, three mesmerizing performances. And to add on that, a sumptuous and mouth-watering Bengali menu including Polao, Chicken Kosha, Rui mach er kalia, Patha r jhol, Biriyani and many more. So, please mark your calendar and stay tuned for registration details for Bangla-O-Biswa Durga Puja 2019. We are looking forward to see you all.


Noble & live band  - Friday, October 4th 



Lagnajita Chakraborty & live band  - Saturday, October 5th 

Lagnajita Chakraborty, born in a Bengali family in Kolkata, India, is an Indian playback singer. Lagnajita Chakraborty is a young Bengali playback singer. She achieved fame with a soulful track in the movie Chotushkone called "Basanto Eshe Geche".



Anjan Dutta & live band  - Sunday, October 6th


Anjan Dutta belonged to an era of pre-discothèque, pre-lounge-bar Bengalis who were slowly turning on their discmans as the ubiquitous radios started their journeys to oblivion. As like the oeuvre of Suman Chatterjee, Anjan's songs spoke of the middle-class Bengalis and their dreams, aspirations, their fulfillments and failures—without being too sermonizing or too sighing. He can be credited with giving rise to a new generation of urban Calcuttan youth who learned to thrive and prosper in the wistful mediocrities of lost or unrequited love, temporary unemployment, breaking of dreams, hearts, hearths or even the first kiss or the first swig of rum.



Our local programs

Sit and draw competition for children on Saturday : Theme 'Durga Puja' Or 'Halloween'

Puja and cultural program schedule                                Top

Coming soon.  


Children’s Sit and Draw Competition will be held on Sat Oct 6th at 12 noon. Interested parents, please RSVP at banglaobiswa@gmail.com with the number of kids for participation.


Menu                                                                                        Top

Coming soon. 


Grand Mela                                                                             Top

We will also be arranging a Grand Mela with stalls that will sell Sarees, Kurtis, Indian Jewelry, Henna, Home Decoration Handicrafts etc. If you are interested to get a stall, please contact us at banglaobiswa@gmail.com


Registration                                                                                 Top

You can become a Bangla-o-Biswa member and avail the advantage of the membership discount. To become a member, payments can either be made by check to "Bangla O Biswa" or by cash at the  Durga Puja event. Checks to be made payable to Bangla-O-Biswa and endorse as "deposit only" on the back. You can also mail your check to the current Treasurer. 

Suggested Donations: (Click on the rate chart to make it bigger).


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Online registration links.

Durga Puja 2018: 3-Day Packages (10/4,10/5,10/6)
DurgaPuja 2019: 2-Day Packages Friday (10/04) & Sunday (10/06)
Durga Puja 2019: 2-Day PackagesSaturday (10/05) & Sunday (10/06)
Durga Puja 2019: 2-Day PackagesSaturday (10/05) & Sunday (10/06)
Durga Puja 2019 :1-Day Package - Friday (10/04)
DurgaPuja 2019: 2-Day Packages Friday (10/04) & Saturday (10/05)
Durga Puja 2019 :1-Day Package - Sunday (10/06)
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Concert Tickets -Lagnajita and Band - Saturday (10/05)
Concert Tickets -Anjan Dutta and Band Saturday (10/06)